With the rollout of Phone2Action’s new campaign targeting interface, we’ve made many common targeting scenarios easier to set up. The table below highlights how you can accomplish common targeting tasks with our new interface.

On old targeting I used to...

On new targeting I can...

… target ‘advocates own’ lawmakers with standard messages for each lawmaker.

… use ‘basic’ targeting by skipping past ‘advanced message assignment’ on step 2 and selecting my targeted legislative bodies.

...use ‘smart targeting’ (located on step 1) to assign different messages to specific lawmakers.

… use ‘advanced message assignment’ (now located on step 2 ‘messages’) which includes all of our ‘smart targeting’ features plus many new features.

… use ‘smart targeting’ to manually select different messages for ‘Democrats’ and ‘Republicans’

… choose ‘split by party’ to assign messages to all members of a particular political party. You also have the ability to fine tune those messages if you’d like to exclude or change messages for specific lawmakers.

… target legislative committee members by setting up ‘special delivery groups’ for each legislator on the committee.

… use ‘advanced message assignment’ to filter legislators by committee and assign messages to those lawmakers

...verify my targeting settings by putting my campaign in test mode and taking action.

… select ‘preview advocate target matching' on step 4 to enter in test addresses and confirm that the correct legislators are targeted with the correct messages.

… assign messages to 2 groups for smart targeting.

… assign messages to up to 3 groups for more messaging flexibility.

… scroll through a complete list of lawmakers to edit the smart targeting settings of a single lawmaker

search for specific lawmakers using the toolbar to reassign messages when using advanced message assignment

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