Great data drives great advocacy. With Capitol Canary’s saved segments feature, users can now organize their advocates with complex filter combinations and then save the filters for future use. Each time you return to Capitol Canary, you can quickly reapply your filters - or you can schedule a recurring export to receive an updated list of advocates.

How to create a saved segment & schedule a recurring export

To create a saved segment, start by applying your desired filters in the ‘filters’ menu. Then, select the ‘view saved segments’ button. You can then set up a recurring export where your filters will be updated daily or weekly. You - and other users you select - will receive an email with a link to download the advocates in CSV format.

How to view a saved segment

When you want to view a previously created saved segment, simply select the ‘view saved segments’ button near the top of the advocates page. In the dropdown, select your desired segment.

How to update a saved segment

To update a saved segment, start by viewing the segment (select the ‘view saved segments’ button near the top of the ‘advocates’ page). Next, using the filters menu, change the existing filters to your desired combination. When you’re done, select the ‘save as segment’ button. On the next screen, you’ll have the option to update by selecting “Add to the existing segment” or “create a new segment to save your filters as a new segment.

How to update a recurring export

Click on the green calendar icon in the list of segments to make changes to the recurring export. You can change the frequency or the users who receive the export. If the calendar icon is black, that means no export has been scheduled for the segment. You can click the black calendar icon to turn on the export.


Q: How are saved segments different from tags?

A: Saved segments re-run your filter criteria each time you load the segment. While you can similarly tag advocates when you apply filters, these tags are not dynamic - your tags only apply to advocates that met the criteria at the moment you applied the tags.

Q: How many segments can I save

A: Currently, you can save up to 10 segments. We hope to expand this in the future

Q: How can I learn more about saved segments and advocate filters

A: Check out our webinar on advanced advocate filtering:

Password for video: p2ava

Be on the lookout for even more new advocate/data features coming soon:

  • Advanced filtering options in more places (texting, emailer, reporting, campaigns)

  • More filtering options and combinations

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