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Facebook Lead Ads Integration
Facebook Lead Ads Integration
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This user guide is dedicated to helping you create and connect Facebook Lead Generation Ads to your Phone2Action campaign. In the first part of this guide, we will walk you through how to set up your Facebook Lead Ad and the second part will walk you through the simple process of connecting your Facebook Lead Ads to your Phone2Action campaign.

 Note: This is not a guide for using Facebook’s Ads Manager. Please refer to the help and tutorials provided by Facebook for up-to-date detailed instructions.

Part 1: Setting up your Facebook Lead Ad:

Facebook Ads Manager offers a variety of Ad types to choose from for specific goals. Here, we are focusing on “Lead Generation” Ads.

Once you select Lead Generation, you have the ability to set up your audience, placement, budget, and schedule.

A few considerations:

  • Make sure your audience is consistent with the campaign restrictions set in your Phone2Action campaign. If you set your Phone2Action campaign restriction to Florida and your Facebook Lead Ad target audience to California, this may cause low connections and engagement.

  • You can add more than one Ad to a Phone2Action campaign, so you can experiment with various Ad Headlines and Images. Keep in mind all your Facebook Ad traffic will still be handled on Facebook, Phone2Action will only be involved when the advocates successfully complete a lead ad on Facebook.

Displaying the letter

The benefit of using Lead Generation Ads is that your audience can take action seamlessly within the ad on mobile and desktop. If your campaign is a contact the legislator campaign, your audience will need to see the letter they’ll be sending to their legislators. For that to happen, you will need to display the letter within your ad. Note: this only applies if your Phone2Action campaign is a contact the legislator campaign.

Here you will find two options on where to insert the letter:

Option 1: Display Content of Letter in Intro

As you can see below, you can add the letter as part of intro layout of the ad.

Here you can add the link to your Phone2Action campaign as part of intro layout of the ad.

Here you have the option of adding a link to your Phone2Action campaign which allows users to click on it and review the letter. You can add the link as part of the Privacy Policy section in the Custom Disclaimer text field.

Option 4: Display content of letter in Privacy Policy Step under “Custom Disclaimer”

Here you have the option of adding your letter as part of the Privacy Policy section in the Custom Disclaimer text field.

Adding form fields

Facebook allows you to add built-in fields as well as custom fields.

Once you click on show more options, you will be able to select from a list of fields:

Note: City and State are not required. Phone2Action will geocode with Home Street Address & Zip

Email and text opt-ins

We use custom fields for Opt-ins, so if your organization is interested in opting users for email or text communications, you must use the custom fields option. Note: if these opt-ins are not included on the form, advocates will not be flagged when they come into Phone2Action as emailable or textable.

When creating the opt-in custom questions, please make sure to include: ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ as answers. Answers other than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will not be recognized and the user will not have opted in.

Connecting your Facebook Lead Ad to your campaign

You can connect your Facebook Lead Ad to your Phone2Action campaign in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Authorize your Facebook account

  • Note that this only needs to be done once and that there is only one authorized FB account per Phone2Action account.

  • When you authorize the Facebook account- please ensure you have admin permissions to the Facebook Ad account as well as the pages you're creating the ads for. If you do not have admin access, you will not be able to connect your ad!

Step 2: Select the Facebook campaign

Step 3: Select the Facebook Ad Set

Step 4: Select the Facebook Ad you’d like to connect

Step 5: Map your Facebook Ad form fields to your Phone2Action campaign fields

You have the option to add Phone2Action fields from this screen if you’re collecting more information from Facebook than your original fields in your Phone2Action campaign.

On the screenshot above, we require 2 checkboxes to be checked:

  1. The first is an acknowledgment of the fact that you have informed your advocates that you will be sending a letter on their behalf to their legislators.Note: this checkbox is required only if you are running a contact your legislator campaign

  2. The second is to make sure you are aware that if you update your Facebook Ad or your Phone2Action fields, you will need to update the field mapping if needed. If this happens, the integration will be paused until the field mapping is fixed and you manually reactivate the ad integration (see ‘finish screen’ below).

Manually Mapping Field IDs

NOTE: There is a chance that due to ad configuration settings on Facebook we may not be able to pull in your ad fields automatically. If this is the case we provide a screen for you to manually map your Facebook Ad Field IDs to your Phone2Action campaign fields. You can accomplish this in 9 easy steps.

Step 1: Return to your Facebook Business/Ad Manager and navigate back to the ad you are attempting to connect.

Step 2: Click “Edit” on the ad and then scroll down until you see the “Instant Form” section.

Step 3: Find the form that you are using for your ad and click the “Duplicate” button that appears when you hover over the form.

Step 4: You should be seeing the “Create Form” pop-up now. Navigate to the “Settings” tab located right underneath the form name near the top left of the pop-up.

Step 5: Navigate to the Field IDs section. Keep track of the IDs that appear, you will need them later.

Step 6: Click Save and then click Finish, your new duplicated form should now be the active form.

Step 7: Return to the Phone2Action platform and navigate to the Lead Generation section of the campaign you wish to map this ad to.

Step 8: Insert the Field IDs in the input areas that correspond to the Phone2Action fields you wish to map them to.

Step 9: Click Map Fields.

And just like that you’re done!

Finish Screen

Once you’ve mapped your fields, you will be taken to the status page which displays the ads you have connected as well as their current statuses.

The status column displays the status of the ad from Facebook. This will help you know in a glace which ads are active, paused..etc.

Updating your Facebook ad or Phone2Action fields

If you make changes to your Facebook Ad, we will display a message on this table view to remind you to update the field mapping it’s affected by the changes.

If you make changes to your Phone2Action fields, we will display a message to remind you to check the ad mapping.

Advocate creation

Any advocate that takes action on your Facebook Lead Ad will be tagged with the “FBLEADAD” tag. You will also be able to filter your advocates by their Facebook Ad Id.

When do advocates sync from Facebook to Phone2Action?

Once the ad is connected, we fetch the data from Facebook every 30mins, so expect to see delays in seeing the advocate data on Phone2action. Please keep in mind that we rely on Facebook APIs to retrieve the advocate information. We have implemented a fallback nightly fetch of all data in case the Facebook API fails in returning the data.

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