Manage Your Account

Learn about account activation, log in, message credits, organization settings and more.

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Learn how to create, import, export, and tag advocates.

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Learn about the campaign builder, campaign content, templates, designs, custom fields and campaign launching.

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Email Broadcasting

Learn to use the email marketing tool, draft emails, send emails, and view email reports.

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Text Messaging

Learn how to build and send text messages, as well as text messaging compliance.

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Live Event Tools

Learn about the Live Map, Pledge Page and Randomizer (Contest) tools.

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Additional Platform Features

Learn about our more unique features such as the advocacy chat bot, action centers and conversation tracking pixels.

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Reports and Analytics

Learn where to generate reports, tag sources to track advocate activity, export reports and install google analytics.

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Learn how Phone2Action integrates with other platforms such as Salesforce, Facebook and MailChimp.

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Advocacy Best Practice

Power your digital advocacy efforts with our best practice guides for Social Media, Text Messages, Email, Advocate engagement during the legislative offseason, campaign launches, and more.

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View all of our webinars on the Capitol Canary platform and digital advocacy here.

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Learn how to manage your SocialPulse account, navigate the dashboard, and create posts.

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